“As an artist, I believe I have to be representative of what’s going on right now and I have to use my medium and voice. If you’re an artist without a voice, you’re not a true artist to me, you just make beautiful work. It’s about the message. It’s about the thing you want to tell people or get them to think about. I feel like people are too soft, especially artists, because they’re afraid they might provoke the wrong type of bear and they don’t want to hurt or insult anybody. I don’t want to insult anybody either, but I do at times feel hurt myself and I want to show people what I think or how I feel. I put that into my own work and don’t force it on other people. I feel like there are just a lot of artists that are trying to just make things pretty. I think real art is an outlet to say things that are relevant and that an artist thinks are important.”

“It doesn’t matter what people think because some things just are.”

“I feel that I still have to ‘come out’ to them consistently because they see homosexuality as a struggle that can be overcome.”

“I should worry less, be less scared and just let it wash over me.”