“When I was 16 I hadn’t yet been in love while most of my friends had had multiple boyfriends or girlfriends already. I thought something was wrong with me. I had had small crushes on guys but I had never actually been in love. That made me think a lot about my sexuality. I had little crushes like I had on guys, on girls too, which freaked me out a lot. I tried making myself believe that those weren't crushes, but just me fangirling over someone or looking up to someone. It worried me a lot, and every time I thought about potentially being gay or bisexual, I tried to think of something else as fast as I could. I was maybe the most scared to admit it to myself. If I could give my younger self advice about that right now, I'd say I don't always have to know all the answers, that I should worry less, be less scared and just let it wash over me. It will all be alright.”

“I hadn’t seen him for about a year, since I had come out to our family.”


“I wish they wouldn’t have to say anything, it would just be accepted.”

“I didn't know what I was doing dating a woman with two children.”