“Most people make jokes about how I can choose to be with both men and women. I get asked questions like ‘How bisexual are you?’ It’s so invasive. I’ve been insecure about defining myself for a while, so I found it important for my own process to be a part of this. Because my parents were very supportive, it was not hard for me to openly identify as bisexual, but it’s been difficult to express it to other people. I’m working on being more confident about my sexuality, but I find it hard to permanently label myself. Am I in transition? Am I not gay? Am I bisexual enough? Should I just not label myself? Lately I’ve been thinking, maybe I just fall in love when I fall in love and the labels don’t matter.”

“I’m still accepted more than others in my community.”

“I think people would have different attitudes toward gay people if they learned about it from a young age in school.”

“I didn’t want anyone to feel as lonely as I did at 15.”