“In comparison to a white straight girl, my life might be a bit harder, but I’m still accepted more than others in my community. I’m a white bisexual woman from Germany. I’m not discriminated against in the way a trans person or a gay black man is. I’ve never had a female friend tell me that they couldn’t sleep in the same room as me because they were scared I might touch them or something. Some of my gay friends have had straight people say these things to them. I have a friend who can’t even come out of the closet because it’s illegal to be gay in his country. It’s forbidden to be gay in Malaysia. It’s horrible. In the transgender community, I think toxic masculinity is a real issue right now. Female-to-male transitions are way more accepted than male-to- female transitions. It’s a double standard. Why is it not just accepted? Why does anyone care? People are just trying to be who they are. If they want you to use pronouns they prefer, what’s the issue? Give me some to get used to it, but it’s fine with me and I accept it one hundred percent. Even though I’m bisexual, I know I’m in a very lucky position. Because of that I think it’s important that I do more.” 

“Home is any place where you can be yourself.”

“I don’t think it matters if it’s a dad and a mom, just that kids have parents who love them.”

“We baptized the children of two lesbian women when no one else would do it.”