“We’d been dating for almost a year when we decided to go on vacation together with her children. We went camping. It was hard for me because I was a bit young and spoiled. I liked luxury hotels, so camping in a tent without a shower or a toilet was tough. We all shared a tent together for twelve days. One night, it started to rain. Her son was young and a bit afraid of the thunder. He came over to our part of the tent and asked if he could sleep with us. We couldn’t all fit in one bed, so I went to his bed and he stayed with his mom. His bed was filled with so much sand I really thought I was lying on the beach. I was sunburned and irritated. I didn't know what I was doing dating a woman with two children. But I was so in love, I knew I had to manage get through it. Before that vacation, my parents were not supportive of our relationship which was hard for me. But after they heard about our camping trip, they believed it was real. Everything started to get better after that.”

“My family will probably be angry that I’m talking about this.”

“I have a tough time hearing people who say being gay is unnatural.”

“Everything changed when I turned 37.”