“One day my friends came to my work and picked me up in this giant limousine. There was champagne and confetti inside, but I had no idea what was going on. I thought it was just a surprise my friends organized for me and that we’d go for drinks and have a nice night out. They ended up driving me to a bar where other friends of mine were waiting. It was strange to me because these friends were from different groups and they didn’t really know each other. We left the bar with the whole group and we ended up at this beautiful villa and then I saw him. My boyfriend was there on the steps waiting for me. We had talked before about getting married and we knew someday we would, but it wasn’t on my mind at all. I was completely blown away. It was honestly one of my favorite life moments. As a gay couple, the concept of marriage is really important to us because we realize it is something that other people have fought for. Because of them we have the chance to marry who we love.” 

“I didn’t want anyone to feel as lonely as I did at 15.”

“I think we need more open conversations and less people assuming.”

“How can you really breathe and function in life without being open about who you are?"